Wednesday TV Wrap: Without a hard quiz, travel guides easily win non-news programming

New travel guides continued to cement its position as the Wednesday night leader in last night’s lineup, with 719,000 viewers.

In recent weeks he has been in competition with the ABC difficult quiz – sometimes beating him, sometimes being beaten – but without difficult quiz last night he sailed to an entertainment win.

Last night’s episode saw the travelers explore South Korea, where they visited the DMZ between North and South Korea, and also received K-Pop makeovers.

Next in the line-up was Seven’s Big Brotherrecovering from last night’s loss to ninja warrior (which does not air on a Wednesday) and the Monday night loss to Chef. The ep drew 652,000 viewers, according to OzTam’s Metro data. In contrast, Chef had 582,000.

To come out on top of the general classification was, once again, Seven news with 1,106,000 viewers, followed by Nine News with 1,044.00. A topical matter had 768,000 viewers while ABC News had 746,000.

Seven At home and away had 610,000 viewers while The hunt had 570,000 had 570,000. Also on Seven’s line-up was The front bar with 361,000.

For Nine, doctor doctor attracted 516,000 viewers while harness had 487,000.

ABC night saw 7:30 a.m. with 608,000 viewers while Crazy as hell by Shaun Micallef had 507,000 and win the week had 488,000.

Finally, for 10, The project had 474,000 viewers and 10 news first had 367,000.

Seven (all channels) won the evening with 29.1% of the daily share, followed by Nine (all channels) with 28.2%. Next comes Network 10 with 19.5% of the shares, followed by ABC Tv Network with 15.1% and SBS Network with 8.1%.

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