Wednesday Reviews | TRAVEL GUIDES leads like Nine and Seven in a tie

It crashes a bit at 7:30 p.m., and then it was all the ABCs.

Nine start the night with the highest rated program after 7 p.m. (again) – A topical matter (678,000). So what then Travel guides (630,000) won the 7:30 p.m. timeslot in total, appeared only once in demos, placing fifth in 16-39 (Nine News appearing in part or all in all three key demos) . Doctor Doctor (368,000) up slightly from last week, but it still does not capture a massive audience in linear distribution. New Amsterdam (77,000) gives fans of the American drama some peace.
Nine tied in primary (18.7%) and clearly first in the network ranking (27.7%).

Seven start with their best (yet) – Far from home (559,000). The real question is to be Big Brother Australia (539,000) because it came in fourth overall, but topped all three demos. A repeat of FILM: The Hangover (201,000) saw all that goodwill fade so quickly.
Seven tied for first place in primary (18.7%) and second in the network ranking (26.5%).

ABC went HARD (again) on a Wednesday with their 7:30 (573,000) /Difficult quiz (620,000) doubling in strong business – second in time slot for total number of people. The season finale of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (516,000) is also doing strong business, and You can’t ask that (374,000) is fine, but again with all the eps on iview, interested parties will likely have consumed it already. IQ (246,000) and a repeat of All (79,000) put the aunt public to bed.
ABC is third in primary (12.8%) and fourth in the network (18.2%).

10 struggle (again) with The project (285,000 6:30 p.m .; 445,000 7 p.m.), although the 7 p.m. portion appears in the top five 16-39 and 18-49. MasterChef Australia (557,000) a reasonable third in the 7:30 p.m. battle and second in all key demos. The season finale and a repeat episode of Taurus (254,000; 194,000) finished the night of 10 as expected… only adding to their woes as their main ranking puts them in a difficult position.
10 fourth in primary (12.1%) and third in the network ranking (19.5%).

SBS offers the last episode of Baldrick’s Travels (again!) With Tony Robinson’s History of Britain (161,000) don’t really spark a lot of people’s interest. The finale of the magnificent documentary See what you made me do (175,000) – the best of SBS for the night – associated with See what you made me do Forum (85,000)
attracted far from enough eyes for the quality and importance of the work.
SBS fifth in the primary (4.5%) and network (8.2%) rankings.

Blue (219,000 PM; 189,000 AM) continues to capture most eyes across all multi-channel offerings. What a great puppy!

Sunrise (242,000)
Today’s show (190,000)
ABC Breakfast (000 (110,000 ABC; 60,000 ABC News))

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