Wednesday Ratings | TRAVEL GUIDES wins as DOCTOR DOCTOR comes out with a bang

It’s Seven’s News product that continues to make all the difference as they lose prime time but win at night.

Far from home (610,000) drops a bit for Seven, because Big Brother (652,000) reasonably rebounds to be the highest rated ep this week. He was second at 7:30 p.m. The night ends with a rehearsal of MOVIE: Austin Powers in Goldmember (70,000). In the AFL states you have The front bar (361,000) and Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back (65,000) as an alternative – no Austin Powers for you.
Seven first in the primary (21.1%) and network (29.1%) rankings.

A topical matter (768,000) bows for Nine, while travel guides (719,000) ends its run with its best numbers of the entire season. Likewise, we said goodbye to the people of Whyhope in the series finale of doctor doctor (516,000) also delivers its biggest numbers all season. amazing people (76,000) finish Nine’s evening race.
Nine seconds in the primary (20.2%) and network (28.2%) rankings.

The project (258,000 6:30 p.m.; 474,000 7 p.m.) also tilts a bit for 10, as does MasterChef Australia (582,000) – although he landed a reasonably distant third in the slot. A double repetition of Taurus (254,000; 198,000) barely aroused interest.
10 third in the primary (11.8%) and network (19.5%) rankings.

7:30 a.m. (608,000) picked up for the ABC, and the premiere of win the week (488,000) met lukewarm numbers (it was clunky and needs more work, but it wasn’t horrible). Crazy as hell by Shaun Micallef (507,000) slips a bit without the introduction of the Hard Quiz. The premiere of Starstruck (280,000), associated with rapid slip superwog (109,000), followed by Adam Hills: The Last Step (90,000) and the final repeat for this season of All (40,000) ended the evening.
ABC fourth in the primary (11%) and network (15.1%) rankings.

SBS begins with a repetition of The Cathedrals of Britain with Tony Robinson (158,000), and add a repeat of Tonya Harding: The Price of Gold (130,000). First run documentary Marion Jones: Press Pause (73,000) end their night.
SBS fifth in the primary (4.3%) and network (8.1%) rankings.

16-39: Nine News 6:30 p.m. (148,000) beats Big Brother Australia, Nine News 6 p.m., Travel Guides and MasterChef Australia.

18-49: Big Brother Australia (266,000) wins ahead of Nine News 6:30/6pm, Travel Guides and MasterChef Australia.

25-54: Nine News 6.30pm (313,000) leads the night, followed by Nine News 6.30pm, Big Brother Australia, Seven News 6pm and Travel Guides.

A repetition of NCIS (168,000) out of 10 Bold beats all other multi-channel content.

Sunrise (273,000)
Today’s show (212,000)
ABC breakfast (188,000 (115,000 ABC; 73,000 ABC News))

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