Wednesday Ratings | TRAVEL GUIDES triumphs; Seven’s LEADER’S DEBATE softer

What a rollercoaster for everyone!

Far from home (473,000) still securing second place at 7 p.m. for Seven. It seems like Big Brother Australia (379,000) does not resonate with viewers and slips even further and remains a distant fourth in the slot, even with The great debate (527,000) the next (which didn’t do as well as Nine’s bid on Sunday but definitely took the win later that night). Scandalous marriages (219,000) offers little hope to program makers around the world.
Seven first in the primary (21.5%) and network (28.9%) rankings.

Nine will get a victory where they can get it at the moment. A topical matter (704,000)
remains unbeatable at 7 p.m., and travel guides (618,000) did a pretty good job of raising some numbers to eliminate the prime-time slot. Everything slides down then with a repeat of MOVIE: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (246,000) as the network gives up the ratings ground it gained earlier in the night. Footy Ranked (66,000 MEL/ADL/PER) runs later at night to a limited, AFL-focused audience.
Nine seconds in the primary (19.7%) and network (27.6%) rankings.

A good start for the ABC, with the 7:30 a.m. (491,000)/Gruen Nation 2022 (588,000) double earning the primetime win. The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (520,000) dates back to last week, as the penultimate episode of tomorrow tonight (277,000) maintains rabies. IQ (204,000) and a repeat of Would I lie to you? (146,000) fill last night.
ABC third in the primary (13%) and network (18%) rankings.

The project (284,000 6:30 p.m.; 402,000 7 p.m.) is up from last week, which isn’t difficult given the low base it continues to operate from. MasterChef Australia (510,000) is enjoying a brief spell of sunshine; third in prime time. First dates Australia (260,000) continues to struggle after being bumped into the program (and somehow not as good as when he was on Seven). American dramas Bull (108,000) and It’s us (47,000) do their best to attract a later and late-night audience.
10 fourth in the primary (11.7%) and network (17.8%) rankings.

Pretty standard night for SBS, with Coast to Coast by Tony Robinson (171,000), MH370: The Lost Flight (146,000), and Cobra (65,000).
SBS fifth in the primary (4.5%) and network (7.7%) rankings.


16-39: MasterChef Australia (133,000) beat The Project 7pm, Nine News 6.30pm and Seven News 6/6.30pm.

18-49: MasterChef Australia (217,000) beat Nine News 6:30/6pm and Seven News 6/6:30pm.

25-54: Nine News 6:30 p.m. (253,000) was followed by Nine News 6 p.m., MasterChef Australia and Seven News 6:30 p.m./6 p.m.


Peppa Pig (165,000) on ABC Kids/TV Plus takes multi-channel victory.


Sunrise (252,000)
Today’s show (204,000)
ABC breakfast (191,000 (122,000 ABC; 69,000 ABC News))


No change from previous week’s primetime lineup after adding in Total TV figures: The Voice Australia (Seven) up 32% to 1,335,000; Travel guides (nine) increased by 24% to 1,006,000; and MasterChef Australia (10) rose 28% to 658,000.

The top BVODs were The Voice Australia (177,000), Home and Away (127,000), Travel Guides (109,000), The Thing About Pam ep 2 (103,000) and The Thing About Pam ep 1 (102,000).

Here are the five shows that made the most money from their overnight numbers:

Program Network Total TV % lift
The thing about Pam ep 2 New 486,000 87
The thing about Pam ep 1 New 544,000 61
The Voice Australia Seven 1,335,000 32
MasterChef Australia ten 658,000 28
travel guides New 1,006,000 24

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