W Hotels collaborates with LUXE City Guides, presents travel guides for clients

Exclusive travel guides provide inside information on what’s new in design, music, fashion and wellness at nine W Hotels destinations

W Hotels Worldwide, part of Marriott International, worked with LUXE City Guides to organize a series of print and digital travel guides featuring inside information for W Hotels guests in nine destinations including Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Osaka, Shanghai, Singapore, Suzhou and Xi’an. The guide’s look is influenced by Spring / Summer 2022 trends, with fabulous, eye-catching colors and layouts brimming with the craftsmanship of a savvy local friend.

“The mission of the W brand has always been to nurture our guests’ thirst for a living by providing them with access to the latest trends and immersive experiences unique to each city, and the W Hotels LUXE City Guide is the latest example of what we do. everyone is getting ready for the jet set again, the guide will be the perfect resource for new / upcoming discoveries for those waiting to rediscover the joy of travel, ”said Jennie Toh, vice president of marketing and brand management, Marriott International Asia-Pacific.

The W Hotel LUXE City Guide provides a plethora of quick and accurate travel advice in a 24-hour chronological format, including where to go, what to see and what must-see restaurants in each destination. The guide taps into the brand’s DNA by inspiring customers to connect with each city and culture through approaches to good music, design, fashion and FUEL – the brand’s unique vision for good -to be. Directing visitors to the best spots for interesting works of art, delicious food, and local entertainment, the guide helps guests get the most out of every trip.

Throughout October, pop-up events celebrating the launch of the W Hotels LUXE City Guide will take place at W Hotels in Singapore, Suzhou and Xi’an. The pop-ups will showcase the guide’s nine destinations and feature delicious bites and sips that are virtual passports to the fun, charm and magic of each city.

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