TxDOT removes Confederate flags outside Travel Information Center


SHERMAN, TX (KXII) – The Texas Travel Information Center in Denison now sports only the stars and stripes and the Lone Star State Flag.

The Texas Department of Transportation withdrew the flags of Spain, France and the Republic of Mexico in June. At that time, they also withdrew the flag of the Republic of Texas and the Confederate States of America.

In a statement, TxDOT said the move was not meant to be political, but “an effort to save taxpayer dollars and in the spirit of welcoming everyone to Texas.” The addition that carrying only the flags of the United States and Texas is in accordance with “the protocols of the Texas State Capitol and our other TxDOT facilities.”

Some in Texoma said removing the other flags was the right decision.

“Although this is part of history and should be studied in museums and in books, I think we have to teach the good and the bad of history, I think there is a bit too much adoration for Confederate symbols and flags, ”said Robert Maldonado, who was visiting the travel center from out of town.

Mary Valenzuela lives in Texas, she said as she took down the Confederate flags “we are erasing history”.

“I don’t like the Confederate flag, but we can’t erase history. We have to learn from our history from all generations, ”said Valenzuela. “There were people who came here on boats, slaves, we must know that. “

Valenzuela said removing Confederate flags and statues solved nothing.

“Removing the flags may not be the right thing at the moment. I think we have to start small and grow, ”said Valenzuela.

Steven Galindo said he understood why the flags offended some people, but called the decision “silly”.

“I was raised with the six flags over Texas,” said Galindo, from Houston. “I can see how it offends people, but it’s been there for so long. I think it’s a bit silly, the first thing I thought about was political correctness rather than history. “

Arlene Barnum is from Stuart, Oklahoma, and has traveled the country supporting the conservation of Confederate monuments, but she says the time to include African Americans in the conversation is over.

“Why aren’t there statues of black confederates, why aren’t there statues of blacks who have contributed to the South?” Based on that and since it happened a long time ago and now White people are trying to catch up, it is just too late, ”Barnum said. “So maybe it’s time to remove some of them so that there can be more racial diversity, especially in the south.”

Torrey Henderson, founder of PRO Gainesville, a group that catalyzed the removal of a Confederate monument in Cooke County, praised TxDOT for this decision and “for making the decision to remove the hate emblems at across the state “.

In a statement to News 12, she called the move “a gradual step towards supporting inclusion at the state level.”

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