Travel Guides wins entertainment crown as Seven wins Wednesday

Nine’s travel guides dominated Wednesday night’s entertainment, but it was Seven who took the lead in the evening’s overall share.

The episode had 618,000 Subway viewers, followed by ABC’s Gruen which saw 588,000 Subway viewers tune in.

Nine Travel Guides

In the latest Daily Consolidated Total TV Report on May 4, Seven News topped the list with 1.573 million total viewers, including 34,000 viewers on BVOD with a 2% increase. The program with the highest increase was Episode 2 of Nine’s The Thing About Pam, with an 87% increase, viewed by a total of 486,000 domestic viewers.


Next up on Wednesday was The Chase Australia on Seven which drew 565,000 Tube viewers, followed by The Great Debate: The Final Showdown with 527,000 Tube viewers.

ABC’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering drew 520,000 viewers on the Tube and Ten’s Masterchef drew 510,000, with the episode also winning key publicity demos, 16-39 and 18-49.

Overall, Seven News topped the lineup with 950,000 Subway viewers, followed by Seven News at 6:30 a.m. with 909,000 Subway viewers. Nine News followed with 888,000 subway viewers, then Nine News 6:30 with 873,000 subway viewers. Nine’s A Current Affair drew 704,000 viewers to the subway. ABC News followed with 585,000 Subway viewers, followed by ABC 7.30 with 491,000 Subway viewers.

As noted above, Seven held the largest network share at 28.9%, just ahead of Nine’s 27.6%. ABC was next with an 18% share and Ten finished with a 17.8% share.

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