Travel Guides: May 4 | tv tonight

travel guides tonight set off for the Flinders Range in South Australia.

On their journey are the Murray River, Wilpena Pound, Parachilna, Quorn and a helicopter ride.

Departing from Renmark, the houseboat mecca of the mighty Murray, our guides take to their houseboats and discover that driving a boat as big as a house is as hard as it sounds. After brushing past nearby boats, a waterside restaurant and a tree, our guides manage to find an anchorage and relax in all that life on the water has to offer, including onboard hot tubs .

The Murray River is the birthplace of high-octane water sports, so our guides try to get towed behind a ski-boat on a sea-biscuit. For even more tricks, they try a Dinghy Derby boat, a death-defying dash around the bends of the river.

Back on dry land, this trip kicks into 6th gear at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park where our guides go into battle mode. On the largest frost blast field in the country, they are unleashing on the locals with semi-automatic frost blasters.

Leaving Riverland and Murray River behind, our guides swap river for road, heading north towards the beautiful Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound. It’s all about outback luxury here, as they stay in eco-friendly villas at Rawnsley Park Station, a sprawling sheep estate with a swimming pool voted one of the most Instagrammable in the world. Our Guides are put to work with the sheep but some need to take the herd out.

7:30 tonight on Nine.

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