Travel guides lead Hard Quiz by thinnest margin

• MasterChef comes down to the last 4 of the second chance week

Prime Time News
Seven News 1,047,000 / 1,012,000
Nine new 1,000,000 / 946,000
ABC News 716,000
10 News First 388,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 248,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 197,000 (6.30 p.m.) 146,000 (7.00 p.m.)

Daily news
A case in progress 705,000
7.30 626,000
The project 298,000 (18h3) / 487,000 (19h)
The 204,000 drum

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 251,000
Today 204,000
201,000 news breakfast

Latest news
Nine new late editions 110,000
The last 97,000
ABC Latest News 61,000


Travel guides took 662,000 viewers to Mexico City as the guides toured the ancient capital of the Zapotec people, Monte Albán, then watched The Dance of The Flyers before participating in Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling). There was also a nerve-racking cab experience and a few tacos along the way, as the show was the No.1 show with no news last night.

Doctor Doctor then followed with 399,000 plays for the fifth season of the Australian drama.

Later in the night, Footy Ranked had 90,000 viewers as Eddie McGuire hosted with Matthew Lloyd, Caroline Wilson and Ross Lyon.


Seven had the best primary (19.5%) and network (29.2%) stocks last night with At home and away and Big Brother both lead the way for the broadcaster with 602,000 viewers each.

Big Brother was also # 1 in all key demos as Christine and Ari again won the power of appointment.

they named Marley, SJ and Married, believing that SJ and Mary’s best friends wouldn’t vote for each other, so their numbers would count towards ousting the game’s most powerful threat, Marley

During the eviction ceremony, a passionate SJ discussed loyalty and ethics, stating that she would not vote for Mary after giving her word.

Marie had a different idea. Not the type to be pushed into a corner, she chose strategy over emotion and stayed true to her alliance with Marley, putting her vote on her friend SJ.

But the latest twist in Hell Week meant SJ wasn’t going anywhere. Big Brother has revealed that the roommate with the most votes will actually become their Head of House and 2IC for the next few days, calling the shots from a private executive suite.

Given the option of taking a second roommate with her, SJ chose the tallest general in the game, Daniel, proclaiming “It’s war now Danny, it’s war!”

The Hangover Part III followed as Seven finished her three weeks Hangover marathon with 237,000 viewers for the last part.


The 10, The project had 298,000 (6.33pm) and 487,000 (7pm) viewers as the show covered why the government would not help Victorian workers in the foreclosure and counterfeiting of kiwis.

At Chef, Second Chance Week continued as the eliminated chefs continued trying to cook and returned to the kitchen. The returning cooks have been reduced to four with Maja, Tom, Wynona, and Eric now ready to prepare for the last place in the competition.


Difficult quiz missed Travel guides as the best non-news show by the narrowest margins with its 661,000 viewers short of 1,000 as the two shows continue to fight after being killed even last week.

Crazy as hell from Shaun Micallef then aired its second episode with 581,000 plays to see a brief nudity as part of a censorship conversation.

You can’t ask that tThe Hen followed with this week’s episode featuring lesbians giving their point of view, with 365,000 viewers.


On SBS The Great Cathedral of Great Britain with Tony Robinson and The secrets of Coca Cola took the heart of the prime-time public broadcasters list with the show which drew 179,000 and 174,000 viewers.

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