Travel guides: everything you need to know about the Fren family


With their good-natured bickering and silly antics, the Frens have found the perfect balance to make their family work.

Mark keeps things upbeat and is an outspoken father, and is the other half of his wife Cathy, who has a quirky sense of humor and a distinctive laugh that is highly contagious.

The couple have been married for over 30 years and share two children, Victoria and Jonathon.

While Victoria is always ready to voice her opinion, Jonathon is a bit more reserved, providing a good mix within the family.

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Although, while it seems like the show is a perfect fit for the family, Mark and Cathy were initially approached by Channel 9 to audition for something completely different – a cooking series titled The heating plate.

The show was never renewed for a second season, and the Frens family ended up with spots on the Travel guides cast, where they say what you see is what you get.

“Something we said right away was we’re portrayed exactly as we are. And all of the people on the show, how they act and how Channel 9 portrays them is exactly how they act,” Cathy said. . In touch magazine.

“And that’s what we love. We are ourselves. Halfway through the first series, I said to a producer, ‘How are we doing? Are we okay? ‘ And he said, ‘Oh, you’re hilarious.’ And I said, ‘Well, I didn’t even know this was supposed to be a comedy show.’ We were just ourselves, so that’s how it happened.

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While we’re used to seeing the Frens as just a family of four, the tight-knit clan grew when Jono married his two-year-old partner Danielle Clark on June 5 of this year.

“It’s a great game,” said her mother Cathy Women’s day. “They really complement each other. They are madly in love and they really care about each other.”

Her father Mark also said they were “so proud” of the bride and groom, and Victoria added that Danielle pulled her older brother out of her shell.

“Individually they’re both calm people, but when they’re dating it’s just the opposite – they’re really outgoing and eager to party,” she said.

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The Fren family could also see another exciting addition now that the couple are married, with Danielle, who has since changed her last name to Fren, and Jono having confirmed that they are ready to be parents.

“Absoutely!” he told the magazine. “A whole new Fren family!

Her family are certainly excited already, Victoria having said: “I think a baby will be in the next few months. A few months… newer!”

Mark also added: “We have already determined the names of our grandparents!”

Travel Guides air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Nine Network.

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