TRAVEL GUIDES continues the road trip adventure in the United States tonight on NINE

This Wednesday night, our favorite travel guides will continue their oversized two-week USA road trip for a big taste of big hats, big portions and big wheels.

The USA road trip continues in the Deep South. In the state of Louisiana, in the heart of the Deep South, guides discover the music, food and culture that make the Deep South special.

The coming weeks will then see Channel 9 air a new season of newly produced episodes, focusing on domestic tourism.

All of our favorite travel critics are back: The Adorable Fren Familytwin cowgirls Pile and Melposh retirees Kevin and Janetbest buds Kev, Dorian and Tengand travel addicts and longtime couple Matt and Bret.

In every episode of travel guidesour five groups of reviewers visit the same place for the same vacation week, reviewing food, accommodation, activities and sights.

Opinions always diverge, leading to brutally honest and often outrageous reviews, as our guides explain exactly how they see it and rate every stay out of five stars.

Narrated by a popular Australian comedian Dennis Scott, travel guides is produced by Nine.

Travel Guides returns Wednesday, April 6 at 7:30 p.m. on Nine and 9Now.

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