Travel Guides beats Hard Quiz

• Network shares are not as good, even with Nine # 1

Prime Time News
Seven News 974,000 / 930,000
Nine News 910,000 / 888,000
ABC News 615,000
10 News First 354,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 248,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 158,000 (6.30pm) 139,000 (7.00pm)

Daily news
A topical case 678,000
7.30 573,000
The project 285,000 (18h3) / 445,000 (19h)
The Drum 175,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 242,000
Today 190,000
Breakfast news 170,000

Latest news
Nine new late editions 112,000
The last 87,000
ABC Latest News 61,000
SBS World News late 42,000


Travel guides was the # 1 non-news program as the show took 630,000 viewers to South Australia where the guides went surfing the sand dunes, cuddled at Kangaroo Island and snorkeled with the sharks .

This was then followed by the Australian drama Doctor Doctor with 368,000 tuned.

Footy Ranked went on to have 95,000 viewers after being broadcast in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.


Big Brother 539,000 viewers watched three roommates come home. It was also the # 1 show in all key demos last night. Although this episode is down from 562,000 viewers last Wednesday.

In the episode, the twins faced off for a bonus spot in the house. After nearly five hours, Alexis made the ultimate sacrifice, giving up the challenge so her sister could stay.

“I have something good to come home to,” Alex said. “It was good for Char and I to spend this time together. It definitely brought us together as sisters and it has always been the best experience. I hope Charlotte wins more than anything.

Mitch won another challenge victory, naming Charlotte H, Gabe and Ari, but Ari was saved from the vote due to a technical foul. Charlotte was eventually sent to pack her bags.

“Everyone’s crazy,” says Charlotte. “People take it way too seriously and I laugh at them like, ‘Oh my God, get a day job.’ I really don’t care. I was running out of clothes and there is no dry cleaning service.

As Charlotte left the house, Gabe had his own news, telling Big Brother he wished to leave.

“I’m struggling mentally, emotionally and physically here at Big Brother,” Gabe said. “I have a hard time finding my voice in this house. There are a lot of loud personalities and I feel like I get smaller when they speak. I’m not well, I had better go.

Big Brother was followed by the classic comedy film The hangover with 201,000.

At home and away was the best non-news program of seven last night with 559,000 viewers.


Chef had 557,000 viewers as Beat the Brigade Week continued as the amateur chefs faced off against Melbourne restaurant team Lucy Liu.

The Chef team won after winning the starter and main course, while losing to Lucy Liu on desserts. This means Brent, Kishwar, Aaron and To M are now immune to Sunday night elimination.
This episode was up from the 513,000 last Wednesday.

On The Project, 285,000 (6.30pm) and 445,000 (7pm) viewers listened to the show discussing Somerton Man, PETA’s advice to Australian farmers and why people are unhappy with Eurovision.

10 Bold was the premier multi-channel with a 4.3% share, with much of the credit for the win going to NCIS.


Difficult quiz continues to perform well on Wednesday night, narrowly missing the first non-news spot last night after drawing 620,000 viewers, just 10,000 less than Travel guides.

This was followed by the season finale of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering which had 516,000 tuned in as the show featured Tony armstrong and Marguerite Pomeranz.

The next one was You can’t ask that, with this week’s episode focusing on amputees. The episode had 374,000 tunings.


The Best Show on SBS Last Night was the third episode of See what you made me do with 175,000 viewers. The series shows the journalist Jess hill examine the domestic violence epidemic. The show had 262,000 in its prime ministers and 212,000 last Wednesday.

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