Travel Guide Twins Party at Texas Rodeo

“They loved us,” Mel says. “When they heard our accent, we had had a little beer and they didn’t understand us. But we got along well with everyone. We liked their accent, so we could talk all day.

After this climax, Louisiana and New Orleans were a little disappointed.

“The Deep South was very party-oriented,” says Stack. “Everyone was smoking weed everywhere, and that’s absolutely not our thing. It just wasn’t who we are.

Like the other travel guides participants, Stack and Mel were affected by their visit to slave quarters on a plantation estate.

“It makes you think, where we are today [in Australia]and be very thankful for what everyone has gone through for our freedoms now,” Stack says.

Having never left Australia before the show, the twins have caught the travel bug and are hoping to return to friends and the rodeo in Texas “after this COVID thing blows up”. Of all the places they’ve seen, they consider their favorites Germany and Hungary, which they visited on their third European cruise; New Zealand; and the Australian Top End. They hated Tokyo, their first stop in the first season.

“I hated this place,” Mel said. “Never again.”

They noticed that different cultures react differently to twins.

“In Thailand, they really noticed us,” Mel says.

“And in Oman, do you remember them?” says Battery. “We were afraid to walk down the street because they looked at us and said, ‘Same, same’. It made us feel like we stood out like crazy dogs.

Neither has the slightest desire to pursue a career in the media, despite their newfound fame. But they are happy to have inspired other Australians to discover the world.

“People have come up to us and said, ‘We would never have gone to this place,’ but because Mel and I have been there and tried, they’re willing to give it a try.”


After their globetrotting adventures, which they totaled up to around 120 days of filming, they decided there was no place like home.

“We are very lucky to call Australia home and to be Aussies,” says Mel. “We are very grateful for this place, aren’t we Stack?”

“Yeah,” Stack nods. “You don’t realize how well you’ve done it until you go to other places where there are no toilets or electricity, or where women don’t have the rights . Just the simple things Australians can do every day.

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