Tonight’s episode of Nine’s travel guides takes place in Greece

The highly anticipated return of the “Travel Guides” season produced by Nine airs at 7:30 pm tonight with Episode 1 set in Greece! Our favorite travelers set off on a Greek island hopping vacation that begins in the ancient capital, Athens, before boarding the ferry to the festive island of Mykonos and then to the traditional island of Milos. GCT talks to the show’s Greek Australian star Dorian about the highlights of his time in Greece and how her Yiaiyia “cried a little” when she learned he was returning to his homeland for the ’emission.

Travel Guides returns tonight at 7:30 p.m. on Nine and takes place in Greece, namely Athens, Mykonos and Milos.

Season 5 of the beloved show should inspire you with brand new local and international tourist destinations that will make you dream (even more) of those next big vacations.

With their hilarious reviews, our favorite travelers are back: the adorable Fren family, twin cowgirls Stack and Mel, chic retirees Kevin and Janetta, longtime couple Matt and Brett and best friends Kev, Teng and the Greek Australian Dorian.

Travel guides

Travel Guides sees these very different groups of ordinary Australians becoming travel reviewers, setting off on the same week-long vacation – reviewing local food, accommodation, activities and sights.

Their hilarious adventures will make you travel and have you laughing out loud as they tell how they see them and rate their vacations out of five stars.

Narrated by acclaimed Australian comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.

Kev (28), Dorian (24) and Teng (25) form the group known in the series as “Best Friends” or “The Boys”.

Travel guides
Kev, (28), Dorian (24) and Teng (25) form the group known in the “Travel Guides” series as “Best Friends” or “The Boys”.

Kev, Dorian and Teng are good friends who worked together at Target. They are budget travelers who still live at home with their parents.

This trio of suburban Millennials share a love of junk food, computer games, music, and movies. They are smart, positive, sympathetic slackers, always quick to make fun of each other.

Kev is the sane pop culture expert with an arts degree. Dorian is laid back, polite, and studying to be a teacher. Teng is the risk taker who postponed college for the past three years and is still looking to have a good time.

All were born in Australia and their combined Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese heritage gives them a unique view of the world.

New Travel Guides

Meet the travel guides Greek Australian star Dorian

Australian Greek Dorian’s adventure began in 2017 as he and his friends scoured Facebook, noticing an ad calling for auditions for a new Travel Show.

Hoping to be able to travel for free, they made an audition tape, not really expecting to hear anything in return.

Two or three days later the trio were contacted and the rest is history.

For the 22-year-old, who had never traveled to Australia except to Queensland, it was a dream come true.

Three years later, as part of the show, Dorian has traveled to over 30 countries, claiming that he feels “so lucky” to have had this opportunity to be able to visit “so many places that you don’t. haven’t even realized they’re on your bucket list.

Travel guides

Dorian’s mother was born in Patras, west of Athens and arrived in Australia with her parents in the 1960s on board the “Patris”, the ship that brought tens of thousands of Greek migrants (and d ‘other nationalities) in Australia from the late 1950s to the mid 1950s. 1970s.

The family hadn’t been able to return to Greece for a few years and were so happy to hear that one of the Travel Guides episodes would take Dorian back to their homeland – with his Yiayia admitting that “I cried a little”.

Tonight, in true Greek style, the family arranged for a massive rally so they could watch the episode set in Greece at 7:30 p.m. all together, with Kev and Teng also joining in the festivities.

Travel guides

Speaking of his time in Greece, Dorian admits that he immediately fell in love when landing at Athens airport, claiming it was his first real taste of Greece.

“The people were so nice, so friendly, the water was so blue,” he marvels.

“Not to mention the best souvlakis in the world!”

Of the travel guides, Dorian says the way the show is put together is really great, showing all aspects of the trip from the varied and diverse perspectives of the different groups featured in the show.

“Travel guides will hopefully provide inspiration and encourage that there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” Dorian said, hoping the world will be free from the global COVID-19 pandemic soon. and able to travel at ease. one more time.

Travel guides


In Episode 1 of the return of the series, our travel guides set off on a Greek island hopping vacation. Departing from the ancient capital, Athens, they board the ferry to the festive island of Mykonos and the traditional island of Milos.

Greece is everything they ever imagined: beautiful islands, turquoise waters, sensational souvlaki and endless parties. But will an island hopping vacation through the cradle of Western civilization be too hectic to handle?

For starters, our travel guides discover the historic sites of Athens, from the huge and imposing Parthenon to the original Olympic Stadium. Putting their own spin on history, they tackle a few Olympic records, with varying levels of success.

Travel guides

Leaving the chaos of Athens behind, they board the gigantic ferry that takes tourists around the beautiful Aegean Islands. This time it’s express to Mykonos, the former fishing island that has become an international party destination. The Guides savor delicious Greek cuisine and try to keep up with the world’s most beautiful influencers at the Super Paradise Beach Club. Some of our guides rise to the challenge while others are left in ruins.

Back on the ferry, our travelers yearn for more stable shores. The best kept secret of the Greek islands awaits them in Milos, where white volcanic cliffs curve like marble into a dazzling blue sea. Directly on the shore, their accommodation is made up of fishing huts converted into spectacular waterfront excavations.

Travel guides

Travel guides

But there is no time to relax. The party followed our guides to this traditional paradise. It’s one of the biggest festival days of the year and the whole island has come together to celebrate with bells. Literally. In addition to the bells, there is food, wine, and lots of dancing. Even our most reluctant visitors have to admit – no one celebrates like the Greeks.

Will an island hopping week in Greece be the ultimate travel guide experience?

Watch this episode tonight at 7:30 p.m. to see how they rate their vacation over five stars.

Tonight's episode of Nine's Travel Guides takes place in Greece 2

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