The TRAVEL GUIDES season finale airs tonight on Nine, but when will we see any new episodes?

The Travel Guides season four finale airs tonight on Nine with a wacky tour of South Korea.

The format has proven to be a huge audience success for the network, but the arrival of COVID-19 has understandably limited production.

Most of the season currently airing was filmed in 2019, before international borders were closed.

Nine has yet to officially confirm a new season of the hugely popular series, but Blackbox TV understands that plans are in place to continue production of new episodes in the near future, with a focus on domestic travel due to the ongoing Australian border closures.

In tonight’s episode, our travel guides take on South Korea for their wackiest vacation. From the exciting and bustling city of Seoul to the quirks of the DMZ and traditional rural areas, our guides enjoy a wild ride through this strange and wonderful land.

The huge city of Seoul is where our travel guides first discover South Korea.

Installed in the Lotte Tower, half a kilometer high, on the 92nd floor, their rooms overlook the high city. The tower is part of a huge complex comprising the largest indoor theme park in the world. Some of our guides take the opportunity to ride an epic roller coaster, others are a little more hesitant.

South Koreans are very health conscious, so to join the locals our travel guides visit a jimjilbang. Half spa, half relaxation zone, these day clubs are open 24 hours a day and all types of treatments are offered.

A few blocks away is the pulsating suburb of Gangnam, where our travel guides uncover the wonders of K-Pop, which is so much more than Gangnam Style. Undertaking the rigors of K-Pop lessons and a makeover, our guides are ready to join the K-Pop aspirants performing on the streets.

Coming out of Seoul, just an hour north, is the demilitarized zone between South Korea and its less welcoming neighbor, North Korea. One of the strangest tourist spots in the world, our travel guides learn about the sad history between these two countries and take a peek at the North Korean village just across.

Travel Guides airs tonight, Wednesday, June 23 at 7:15 p.m. on Nine and 9Now

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