The Greek-Australian ‘Travel Guides’ star was left speechless after visiting Greece for the show’s season premiere

An opportunity to travel the world for free? Sign me up!

That’s exactly what travel guide trio Dorian (24), Kev (28) and Teng (25) did after seeing a Network Nine casting announcement posted on Facebook, while he was looking for cheap flights to Bali.

“We thought it might be fun to make an audition video and tape and send it in and we’ll never hear from them,” Dorian told The Greek Herald.

“All of a sudden we heard from him three days later.”

The three good friends are former Target colleagues and budget travelers who share a love of junk food, computer games, music and movies. The trio made their first appearance in Season 2 of the show and continued their travel adventures this upcoming season (Season 4).

Trio of travel guides Dorian (24), Kev (28) and Teng (25) Photos courtesy of Nine Network.

Although he refers to himself as “the three Asian boys”, Dorian comes from a Greek-Australian family. His yiayia arrived in Australia in the mid to late 1960s and settled in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh.

Despite his proud Greek heritage, Dorian never had the opportunity to visit Greece until he was unknowingly sent there in 2019 by the producers of travel guides.

“What I like the most is that you never know what to expect, because you are not told which country you are going to go to until you get off at the airport. and we don’t know what activities we’re going to do until we get up in the morning to film,” Dorian said.

“I had to go (to Greece) I think three times and always had to cancel at the last minute.”

In the series’ return, the trio, along with the other tour guides, go on a Greek island-hopping vacation. Departing from the ancient capital, Athens, they board the ferry for the festive island of Mykonos and the traditional island of Milos.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Photos courtesy of Nine Network.

Most Greek-Australian families know that when planning a trip to Greece, a visit to see the relatives is a top priority. However, amid a tight schedule of just a week in Greece, Dorian said he had no time to visit his extended family.

The “three Asian boys” have amassed plenty of fans throughout the show’s run, but none are bigger than Dorian’s mom.

“Mom is our biggest fan,” Dorian said.

“I can’t go to the supermarkets or anything without mum telling the people at the checkout that I’ll be on the show tonight.”

“My whole family was super happy. Of course, they would have liked us to be able to meet parents, but we just didn’t have the time and we weren’t in the right place, unfortunately.

Trio of travel guides Dorian (24), Kev (28) and Teng (25). Photos courtesy of Nine Network.

To kick off the Greek holiday, tour guides visited the historic sites of Athens and, putting their own spin on history, they set their own Olympic records, with varying levels of success.

Leaving Athens, they head to the party island of Mykonos, which when Dorian was asked about the differences in the party scene between Greece and Australia, the Greek Aussie said it ‘doesn’t was not comparable”.

Back on the ferry, travelers head for more stable shores. The best-kept secret of the Greek islands awaits them in Milos, where white volcanic cliffs curve like marble in brilliant blue seas.

But the party has also followed them to this traditional paradise, where it’s one of the biggest party days of the year and the whole island has come together to celebrate with bells.

The Frank family. Photos courtesy of Nine Network.

Dorian revealed to The Greek Herald that Greece has been her favorite location on the show so far, with the history and beauty of Athens being a highlight of a lifetime.

“It’s the heart of it all, so much history there,” Dorian said.

“People kind of reminded me of Oakleigh 20 times; People call out to each other in the street, walk around with their coffee, sit in cafes all day.

“My least favorite moment was probably getting on a plane to leave.”

The fourth season of Travel Guides will air on Wednesday April 28 on Channel 9.

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