Stuff Travel Launches Evergreen Immersive Travel Guides in Aotearoa

You would be hard pressed to find a local in the queue outside Fergburger when our borders were open. It was an experience we just didn’t have time for. We thought Queenstown was too expensive, overrated, full of too many international tourists, it wasn’t worth it. We prefer to spend our money in Bali, in Europe or elsewhere.

But if there has ever been a silver lining to this pandemic, it’s because we’ve been forced to vacation at home. And we finally found out why international tourists choose to spend their money here. This is because we have world class experiences, food and accommodation here. And with summer deals and fewer crowds, we can finally enjoy Queenstown’s world-famous scenery without the hassle.

The famous red hangar of Glenorchy.

Brook Sabin / Stuff

The famous red hangar of Glenorchy.

Last year I finally ate at Fergburger (insider trip – try the bakery next door for the best pastries!), Walked around Milford Sound, drove to Glenorchy and did saw another car on the road, I took the world’s most scenic flight at a fraction of the cost, and I remembered how lucky we are to have Aotearoa as our backyard.

But the truth is, missing international tourists are really damaging our tourism industry. We have seen lost livelihoods, some operators going out of business, others struggling to keep all of their staff, and some have had to change their entire business model. Our government is starting to talk about what open borders might look like and once again vaccinated we might start sharing our backyard with the masses again as early as next year.

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Waiting for, Travel stuff continues to defend domestic tourism. This may be the last summer we have New Zealand to ourselves, and we intend to make the most of it. We have been locked in the country for over a year but there is still so much to see. So this weekend we’re launching a series of interactive, immersive, evergreen travel guides that will show you that there is so much to discover in Aotearoa.

Travel stuff‘s Go to guides are a compilation of our team’s must-sees, hidden gems we’ve unearthed, and our most recommended places to eat and stay. Over the past year, we’ve sent hundreds of messages asking for directions, travel tips and things to do in our areas. These guides are the answer – they are certainly not an exhaustive list of everything that exists in an area, but rather things that we have personally tried and can recommend.

Over the next year, with support from Tourism New Zealand, we’ll be launching 23 guides – every region will be represented, and we hope you won’t run out of ideas on how to spend what could be our last. been at home, without tourists.

Head toward to check out the first of our guides, then come back every two weeks for a new one. Have a good trip!

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