Printed travel guides go digital

BLUEDALE Publishing is taking steps to digitize its travel guides.

In a press release, the company with more than 14 years of publishing experience said it is striving to make travel guides more and more accessible.

Bluedale’s first title, KL The Guide, was conceived when publisher Lyndon Yap went on a trip overseas and found that travel guides were distributed for free.

He wanted to create something similar so that travelers could easily navigate the Malaysian capital.

Today, Bluedale has grown into a trusted source of essential local travel information, all for free.

The goal of these travel guides is only to provide content that travelers didn’t know they needed.

“Our travel content allows readers to learn something they’ve never experienced or experienced before. For example, how Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa started in Kampung Baru, ”Yap explained.

Based on World Bank data in 2019, Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) was US $ 364.7 billion, while a total of 26.1 million international tourist arrivals were recorded, proving that the tourism industry was flourishing before Covid-19.

Despite the pandemic, Bluedale continues to strive to provide valuable information for future travel when it is safe to visit Malaysia.

The company also understands the need to expand its product to other states, hence collaborations with state tourism agencies to provide similar guides for Melaka, Johor, Taiping, Tawau, Tambunan and Keningau, between others.

Currently in the works are Johor The Guide, Hulu Selangor The Guide and Perak The Guide, which will be available in the near future.

Meanwhile, Klang Valley 4 Locals – previously titled Travel 4 Locals – is another guide that aims to boost the growth of local businesses and tourism in Klang Valley.

It focuses on what locals and localized people want, with less on over-popularized areas and tourist spots.

On domestic tourism and its importance in these difficult times, Yap explained, “About 70 to 80% of the people are not from here, but rather people who have been located.

Research has found that many people, especially those in the city, have little knowledge of the attractions hidden in their own localities.

Bluedale’s travel guides are thus developed from the experiences and suggestions of readers.

“They are aimed at the masses, including all nationalities in the Klang Valley,” Yap said, adding that these travel guides have been distributed to Tourism Malaysia offices across the country.

In 2020, Bluedale released its 38th edition of KL The Guide, which is also available as an eBook.

The company realized it was time to step up its digital game.

In addition to providing these hassle-free electronic guides, the company has turned the guides into mobile apps that can be downloaded through Google Play Store or Apple Store.

This was all made possible through contributions and reader feedback as the company works alongside federal, state and local authorities to promote domestic tourism.

Bluedale also won through its association with tourism authorities in countries such as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Uzbekistan The Guide, for example, highlights the mysterious but beautiful Central Asian country known for its grand architecture. More than 100 historical sites in the cities of Uzbekistan are presented in the guide.

In addition to the comprehensive information contained in the travel guides, Bluedale provides additional information on various places of attraction through its social media platforms.

His latest project being a spa and wellness guide in collaboration with the Association of Wellness Spas, Bluedale aspires to work with more organizers and agencies as he ventures into areas beyond the tourism.

In addition, readers can digitally contribute to the content of the publication.

In addition, posters promoting KL The Guide have received more and more attention these days.

The catchy phrase “Hey, I’ve been spotted by KL The Guide” accompanied by a QR code will lead the curious directly to the application.

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