No separation Hard Quiz and Travel Guides

• Tilly from Big Brother makes history

Prime Time News
Seven News 1,074,000 / 1,017,000
New New 1.038.000 / 953.000
ABC News 676,000
10 News First 344,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 217,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 181,000 (6.30 p.m.) 132,000 (7.00 p.m.)

Daily news
A case in progress 701,000
7.30 623,000
The project 289,000 (18h3) / 428,000 (19h)
The Drum 179,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 257,000
Today 219,000
Breakfast news 176,000

Latest news
Nine new late editions 185,000
The last 122,000
ABC Latest News 50,000


Nine edged out Seven to be number 1 major (19.7%) and the network (27.6%) last night with less than a point separating the two broadcasters.

Travel guides had 672,000 viewers, which was on par with Difficult quiz as the # 1 of the non-informative program last night.

Shot before the Covid-19 pandemic, the episode took viewers to Turkey where they visited a hairdressing museum, the Sultan’s Palace, and spent a day at the spa in a hammam.

Following Travel guides was the australian drama Doctor Doctor with 390,000 plays.

At Footy Ranked 110,000 viewed from Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as Caroline wilson returned just a day after leaving her 14-day quarantine in Sydney after her trip overseas. She co-hosted the show with Eddie McGuire.


At home and away was the first non-news program on Seven with 580,000 viewers.

Big Brother had 558,000 to watch as Tilly went down in history for the most wins ever in the series, having recorded her fifth victory, edging out SJ to gain the advantage in the game.

Strategically appointed Tilly Brenton join Christine and Mitch in preparation for deportation, knowing that the beloved couple would not vote for each other, so he would have to vote for Mitch, his biggest rival in the challenges. Tilly was right that Mitch was going home.

“I knew I was going to be a physical threat and as soon as everyone had a chance to get rid of me, it was going to happen,” Mitch said. “I stuck with my own tight-knit group of friends, but they weren’t exactly as tight as I thought they were. I would like to see I ss and Marls get up, but I feel they won’t have the numbers to move on. If I had to bet on who is going to win, I would say Tilly. She plays the dizzy blonde very well but she is quite intelligent.

The episode was # 1 for the 16-39 key demo.

The Hangover Part II followed with 246,000 viewers.


The project was 289,000 (6.33pm) and 428,000 (7pm) as the show discussed the evolution of the Covid-19 situation in Melbourne, male infertility and Vance Joy also joined the show.

At Chef 561,000 watched the remaining 14 contestants compete in an oversized Mystery Box challenge.

In the mystery box instead of ingredients, they had a collection of 11 basic cooking utensils – a spatula, a whisk, tongs, a saucepan, a frying pan, two mixing bowls, a baking sheet, a slice of fish, a wooden spoon, a sieve and a teacup. It was the type of utensils they would have at home and not a professional kitchen, the pantry and the garden were open but all other cooking utensils were forbidden to the cooks.

A double episode of Taurus then followed with 252,000 and 185,000 viewers per play.


As previously mentioned, Difficult quiz finished dead even with Travel guides as a non-news # 1 show last night, with audiences split between the Big Brass Mug and adventures in Turkey.

Crazy as hell from Shaun Micallef debuted in the season albeit in an empty studio due to the Melbourne pandemic outbreak. Micallef was in great shape hooking the two Scott Morrison and work as well as ABC applications.

You can’t ask that Follow up to this week’s episode featuring the families of the missing. 383,000 listened to the episode.


SBS’s flagship program last night was a rehearsal of Jack the Ripper: the case reopened with 189,000 viewers.

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