Nine’s Travel Guides top entertainment on Wednesday

Last night’s episode of Travel Guides’ Nine topped entertainment and also topped all three key demographics.

Nine also had the highest network share.

Nine Travel Guides

In the latest Daily Consolidated Total TV Report on March 30, Seven News surpassed 1.525 million total viewers, including 33,000 BVOD viewers with a 2% increase. The program with the biggest increase was ABC’s Melbourne Comedy Festival gala with a 63% increase, with 429,000 total viewers and 61,000 on BVOD.


Back to last night, as mentioned, Nine’s travel guides topped entertainment with 727,000 viewers from the Underground. Next is ABC’s Hard Quiz with 599,000 Tube viewers, followed by Seven’s The Chase Australia with 540,000 Tube viewers.

Overall, Seven News topped the lineup with 948,000 Subway viewers, followed by Seven News at 6:30 a.m. with 889,000 Subway viewers. Nine News followed with 839,000 subway viewers, then Nine News 6:30 with 816,000 subway viewers. Nine’s A Current Affair attracted 650,000 viewers to the subway. ABC News followed with 599,000 Subway viewers, then ABC 7.30 with 556,000 Subway viewers.

As mentioned, Nine had the highest network share with 30.6%, followed by Seven with 25.5%. ABC was next with 18.6%, followed by Ten with 17.3%.

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