Nine’s travel guides to Greece tops the night

• Doctor Doctor amounts to more than 400,000
• Big Brother’s house is full as BB Air disembarks

Prime Time News
Seven News 987,000 (6 p.m.) / 970,000 (6.30 p.m.)
Nine News is 939,000 (6 p.m.) / 890,000 (6:30 p.m.)
ABC News 665,000
10 News First 332,000 (5pm) / 229,000 (6pm)
SBS World News 180,000 (6.30pm) / 150,000 (7pm)

Daily news
An everyday affair 681,000
7:30 am 580,000
The project 217,000 (6:30 p.m.) / 415,000 (7 p.m.)
The drum 178,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 244,000
Today 212,000
Topical breakfast 184,000

Late night news
Most recent 80,000
ABC Latest News 69,000
SBS World News End 40,000


Neuf was the first channel and mainnet last night with shares of 19.5% and 27.5% respectively, with the main driver being the return of Travel guides which was the # 1 non-news show last night.

The show was also # 1 in all key demos as it took viewers to Greece. It was during the return of the show’s numbers in January, which had 584,000 plays.

Earlier this week, Media week spoke to Travel guides executive producer Melissa Maclean about putting on a travel show amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maclean said crossing international borders for this series is no small feat.

Travel guides took off this year due to the extraordinary perseverance of the team and the willingness of our travel guides to be flexible, and to be able to work very closely with government agencies to allow certain travel exemptions for us.

“We had plans A, B, C and D for everything, and there were definitely times when we thought everything could be lost. But we were both lucky and persevering, we managed to get everyone, all the guides and the whole crew together, and once that happened we were able to form a moving bubble.

Read more: Travel Guides EP on producing a global show during a pandemic

Following Travel guides was the return of Doctor Doctor for its fifth season with 407,000 viewers.

In season five, the Knight family and the entire town of Whyhope are plunged into crisis, and all eyes are on Hugh Knight to save them. Forced to move to a veterinary clinic after asbestos was discovered at the hospital, things get even more complicated when high-profile board administrator Sharna Bahtt (Chantelle Jamieson) comes to town, simultaneously sacking Meryl as mayor (Tina Bursill) and setting his sights on Hugh. The flames of romance also continue to be kindled when the newly single Penny (Hayley McElhinney) returns to town, forcing Hugh to grapple again with his feelings for her and a potential relationship with Sharna.


The last episode of Big Brother for the week, 558,000 viewers joined the house.

AFLW player I ss won the immunity challenge and named three original roommates – Mel, Renata and “sure vote” Sid.

Finally, Renata came home: “From day one, when I won a challenge, I had a target on my back,” said Renata. “In the house there are more sheep than people who have their own opinion. I want Daniel and Nicolas to win. The rest are sheep, they don’t deserve it. If one of these sheep wins, I’ll change country, that’s a promise.

Earlier in the night At home and away had 620,000 viewers.


Chef in 10 had 535,000 viewers last night as Superstars Week continued with Claire Smyth join the kitchen to present the Mystery Box. The episode was down slightly last Wednesday 549,000

Chef was followed by a double episode of Taurus with 246,000 and 175,000 viewers.

Earlier in the night The project was 271,000 (6:30 p.m.) and 415,000 (7:00 p.m.) as the show discussed how horses’ deaths from last year’s Melbourne Cup could have been avoided and Australian Olympians could be rushed for the Covid vaccine .


Difficult quiz Once again performed well in the odds with a solid 623,000 chord to see who gets the brass mug, except this time it was the battle of duds with the mug having a hole in the bottom. This was followed by 544,000 watch The weekly with Charlie Pickering.

The latest addition to ABC’s comedy lineup is You can’t ask that who replaced Kitty flanagan‘s Fisk which gathered 383,000 viewers for its first episode of the year.


The highest rated show on SBS was a repeat of Building the Channel Tunnel 187,000 viewers.

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