Matt and Brett return to travel guides

“Have a really good cocktail, order some food, get a group of friends together and come on vacation with us.

That’s the message from lovable Newcastle duo Matt and Brett on their final season of travel guides hits TV screens across the country.

The first episode airs tomorrow night (Wednesday March 30) – and marks the start of an entertaining series featuring the longtime couple, fellow Novocastrians from the Fren family, twin cowgirls Stack and Mel, retirees chic Kevin and Janetta and best friends Kev, Dorian and Teng.

The couple hope that travel guides encourages people to start exploring again after two difficult years full of restrictions, border closures and lockdowns.

They even suggest planning one of the trips you see on the show.

Brett says they’re incredibly excited for people to see the rest of the show.

“We can’t wait to share it with everyone because it’s like our own little vacation videos,” he said.

“They finally get a chance to see what we’ve done, so it’s very exciting and our friends and family are enjoying watching it.

“They can’t believe some of the crazy things we can do.”

Matt adds that it’s like they go on vacation twice when they look back on their adventures.

While they can’t go into too much detail, Matt says one of his favorite trips during the series was to America.

The guides drove a very large motorhome across the country.

“Being able to drive an RV across the United States is one of those rites of passage for all Americans, like on National Lampoon’s Holiday“, said Matt.

“And, it’s not just driving an RV, it’s driving on the wrong side of a 12-lane highway, that’s the scariest thing,” Brett added.

“It’s all miles per hour and we’re trying to figure out what that’s in miles and then they barely fit in the lanes and as you cross state lines the lanes get narrower so it was really, really fun.”

Although they have been able to visit some overseas countries, the reality TV stars say the experience has given them a greater appreciation of what is in Australia.

Now that borders have reopened and travel is allowed again, 2022 is the year to see more of Australia.

“When you travel to your own country, you create jobs for local people,” Brett said.

“Because you’re going to spend your money on restaurants and you go to the supermarket and you buy stuff and you go out and watch a movie at the local cinema, so I think all this flow of economic stimulus from people going out traveling should’t be underestimated.

“The government can have as many packages as they want to entice people to do this.

“But, until people get out and get in their cars and take a road trip, I think that’s the only way people can see the country and get things moving again.”

When it comes to their dream destination, Matt says it’s hard to pick one, avid travelers have visited much of the globe and can’t wait to see more.

“But if you have to visit a place before you die, you have to go to Greece,” he said.

“If this is your last destination, just buy a one-way ticket to Greece and have your Shirley Valentine moment on the beach and never come back,” Brett added with a laugh.

You can watch the show on Channel 9 or 9Now.

“We’re so ready to share these episodes with people,” Matt said.

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