Married couple Matt and Brett join new travel guide season

During the filming of the series, was there a particularly memorable place?
M: The Red Center. I always thought we were beach people – and we are – but vacationing in the Red Center was just amazing. We had been to Uluru before, we had a long weekend on the plane where we stayed in Sails and visited the rock, then we went home and we were like, “OK, we went, we did that. But we were really lucky, we got the opportunity to come back this time around and spend a lot more time there, rent a car and go out into the outback. You’ll have to be careful on your own, but we would definitely say we had a much more authentic experience at the Red Center this time around. We met a lot of locals this time around.

Were you able to give free rein to your critical side in the series?
M: Oh, you mean we’re being honest? Absolutely we are being honest but I think we are also quite grateful travelers. So we tend to put things in context, and things that we can expect in one place, in one type of accommodation, we can’t expect to be in another. In general, I would like to think that we are quite grateful.
B: We are definitely not travel snobs. That said, we love the finer things in life if it’s offered.

Actress Denise Scott tells about the new season of Travel Guides.Credit:James penlidis

You said one thing you would never do on vacation is go to McDonald’s.
M: You can go to McDonald’s at home. If you go, you have to eat the local food and invest the money in the local economy. A Big Mac is the same here or if you buy it in Darwin – it’s still a Big Mac! And McDonald’s doesn’t serve cocktails for breakfast either. You can take yours but they don’t like it.

Were you a fan of Travel guides before ending up on it?
M: We were. We booked vacations based on Travel guides – which we had to cancel because we were on Travel guides.

How to get out Travel guides In any event?
M: You apply, you fill out an application form, you send in an audition video, and it’s a long process from there.
B: No, that’s not true. You barbecue, have a few drinks, edit a two-minute video, and then before you know it, you’re on Travel guides.


How aware are you of the cameras when working on the show?
M: I didn’t even know there were cameras. If I had known there was, I would have told them to stop. Look, the cameras are there, but honestly you get used to them pretty quickly, and the team is just great, an amazing bunch of people, they make you feel comfortable and before too long you do all kinds of stuff. ridiculous which you would never do on camera.

As you travel through the show, there will be places of business that pop up for the opportunity to be on TV. Have you ever felt a pressure to make the places you visit beautiful?
M: No, if we like it, we’ll make them look pretty anyway. It’s all in the experiences they give us. If they want us to say good things about them, they will give us a good experience.
B: I think most of the places we go don’t know why they are filming. They’re very vague – “we’re shooting a travel show” – and people just want to get on.

Do you like to do touristy things when traveling, or are you looking for more unusual experiences?
M: We like to start with the major tourist stuff and then we like to do a few other quirky and off the beaten track things. We are very happy to walk down a small alley to find a really good cocktail bar which we found on a dodgy website.
B: We like to eat local and sit in a bar and talk to the locals.

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