Maine Trip Ideas: Day Trip Destinations & Weekend Itineraries

Day 3: Explore Acadia National Park

First of all, be the first in the country to see the sunrise. Head in Acadia National Parkbefore it’s sunny and early and you can do it at Mount Cadillac, the highest point on the east coast. Grab your flashlight and walk three kilometers North Ridge Trail at the top or just drive and record your physical activity for later in the day – there will be plenty of opportunities for that.

After a picnic breakfast at the top of the mountain (maybe a blueberry muffin?), Return to the car and drive down Loop Road. The main thoroughfare is 27 miles around the entire park, so it’s the perfect way to sample the area’s natural beauty before choosing your adventure for the day. You’ll see a lot of people climbing the main mountains in the park if that’s your thing, but you can also hike wide and smooth Bubble Trail for something easier.

Continue to explore by car and go see Thunder hole, a rock cavern that rumbles like thunder when the waves crash, before settling in for popovers and afternoon tea overlooking a glassy pond on the lawn of Jordan Pond House.

No matter what your day in Acadia National Park has brought you, you will deserve a late afternoon break. So head back to downtown Bar Harbor for dinner and dessert. It’s your last day – unless you’re making the trip south as well, we won’t be stopping you – so make sure you have all of your Maine foods.

Head to the grocery store to buy some WA Bean & Son signature red hot dogs to grill, make sure you’ve eaten something blueberry, and maybe even drink a Moxie – scratch that, don’t let the state will leave a bad taste in your mouth because of its strange soda. It’s an acquired taste that may not be worth acquiring.

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