For insurance loans, we provide same-day approvals.

Instant loan approval is now possible for more than 350,000 clients who have loan amounts on their life insurance policies. It is also available to 42,000 Veterans who owe loans.

The new Instant Loan Application Service streamlines and automates online processes to eliminate human intervention to approve loan requests.

Veterans with permanent insurance plans can borrow up to the policy’s reserve amount, less any debt.

How it works

To receive instant approval for a Greendayonline auto loan, the client must meet the basic verification requirements.

Logging in will enable veterans to access the loan request webpage, provided with enough loan value. After completing the required fields, the veteran will be asked for the requested amount and receive an immediate decision.

A loan approval immediately can allow for payment. It takes between two and five days to receive loan repayment.

You fail to meet the immediate loan verification requirements

Even if the veteran doesn’t meet the verification requirements, they can still submit an online loan application by downloading VA Form 9-1546 and completing it.

Note that loans are not available by Veterans Group Life Insurance and Military Group Life Insurance. Clients with disabled veterans insurance (S-DVI) can apply for loan approval immediately, provided they meet all eligibility criteria.

The VA has been providing life insurance to military personnel and veterans for over 100 years. These can include income replacement, financial inheritance, or end-of-life expenses. They also reflect the benefits of our nation’s sacrifice.

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