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TORONTO, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IBI Group (TSX: IBG), a global design and technology company, has been awarded the contract for the republished 511NY Travel Information System for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), following the successful deployment of IBI’s traveler information software in 2014. The new Software as a Service (SaaS) contract which began on May 1, 2020, includes continuous delivery of the 511NY Web , Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Mobile Applications. This gain is in addition to IBI Group’s portfolio of North American travelers information systems, including 10 deployments across the United States. He will contribute to the development of IBI across North America Travel-IQâ„¢, which offers data sharing between states and provinces, and will provide customers with the convenience of seamless travel and trip planning across jurisdictions and countries.

“IBI has been working with NYSDOT and its stakeholders on the 511NY project since 2014,” said Geoff Carter, director of travel information systems for IBI Group. “We are proud of the strong partnership we have built and to have helped evolve the platform into the next generation system it is today. We look forward to continuing to meet the business needs of NYSDOT by delivering continuous product releases and ensuring the use of the latest technology. “

Using IBI Group’s travel information software, the 511NY system has supported over 1 million website pageviews, over 150,000 text alerts, 50,000 mobile app users and more 130,000 phone calls per month. IBI Group is committed to supporting 511NY’s performance as a critical resource for New Yorkers and other travelers.

Key highlights of IBI Group’s 511NY SaaS implementation, which has significantly improved workflows for NYSDOT employees:

  • Deployment and maintenance of enhanced Winter Travel Advisory web and mobile application tools used by over 700 maintenance contractors across the state;
  • Deployment of web and mobile versions of IBI’s road damage assessment tool;
  • Added shared-use mobility modes (i.e. bike-sharing, electric scooters, carsharing, TNC) using IBI’s OpenTripPlanner software to improve the display of real-time information within the platform -form 511NY;
  • Integration with Skyline camera images and video;
  • Provide Web Map Services (WMS) for the NYSDOT Winter Ops system; and
  • Continuous improvement of 511NY features throughout the life cycle of IBI Group Travel-IQ product releases, ensuring technology stays up to date.

IBI Group’s traveler information technology has made a significant contribution to the company’s intelligence portfolio for over 10 years. In addition to New York, it is currently operational in Alaska, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, Southern California and Kern County. The technology is also being deployed in the provinces of Canada and South Africa. Private sector travel information clients include large North American media companies.

IBI Group Travel-IQ product, an extension of its existing traveler information software, was launched in May 2019 and offers North American-wide data sharing, allowing users to travel and plan trips seamlessly. across jurisdictions and countries. Other products in IBI Group’s SaaS portfolio include: Smart City Platformâ„¢, InForm by IBI Groupâ„¢, and BlueIQâ„¢.

For more information on IBI Group travel information software and our Travel-IQ product, and / or to speak with an IBI Group professional, please contact Julia Harper at [email protected] or 647-330-4706.

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