How to get the best winter sports travel policy – Forbes Advisor UK


If you already have an annual travel insurance policy, it may include winter sports coverage. If it’s not covered as standard, you can normally add winter sports for a fee.

If you are over 65, you may need to purchase a separate winter sports policy, as some insurers will not add winter sports coverage for travelers this age.

If you have travel insurance as a benefit on a pooled bank account, check to see if winter sports are covered. Again, you could pay to have it added.

If you must purchase a standalone winter sports policy, be sure to shop around as costs can vary widely from insurer to insurer. Check the coverage of the cheapest policies carefully – many only cover skiing and snowboarding and have low claim limits for lost equipment or property.

You can choose from single person coverage or policies that cover couples or your whole family. Note that family policies may only cover those under 18 if they are on vacation with their parents – not with friends or on a school ski trip.

Whatever type of winter sports policy you want to purchase, it is wise to do so as soon as you book your vacation. This ensures that you will be covered in the event of a cancellation at any time. As always, check the Covid coverage and its completeness.


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