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The service is currently available to select customers.

As client lifestyles change with the pace of today’s fast-paced world, HBL has transformed the way loans are received by fully digitizing the process, supporting it with state-of-the-art technology.

Through the HBL personal loan via Mobile HBL, users can receive loan approvals and disbursements in less than a minute, which is also the fastest turnaround time for loans in Pakistan. This has made loan application convenient and hassle-free for people even when the loan amounts are very small.

In a country where loans are typically reserved for important life events like weddings, home purchases and business investments, the bank has revolutionized the way consumer loans are applied for and disbursed.

How does this work?

Previously, customers equated personal loans with massive paperwork, repeated bank visits and long weeks before approval; a tedious process that ended up discouraging loan applications for the simple needs of life, such as the purchase of a smartphone.

HBL has now made loan processing much faster and more efficient by ensuring full security and allowing select customers to apply for personal loans on the mobile app and receive instant disbursement.

Why apply for an HBL Personal Loan?

  1. The steps are simple and transparent with the fastest turnaround time for loan processing.

  2. An instant loan can be availed by skipping all unnecessary steps like paperwork and human contact.

  3. The process is fully digitized and can be used using the HBL Mobile app while sitting at home.

Look at this:

The service is currently available to select customers.

Learn more about HBL PersonalLoan on HBL’s official site.

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