European Travel Information and Authorization System on track to enter service by end of 2022, Commission says


The Commission of the European Union has announced that the rules which make the future European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) interoperable with other EU information systems entered into force today, August 3.

In announcing the milestone, the Commission affirmed that it is an important step towards the launch of ETIAS by the end of 2022, reports

The rules that come into force today detail how ETIAS will work with other EU information systems that it will query during checks, namely the entry / exit system, the information system on visas, the Schengen Information System and a centralized identification system for Member States holding information on convictions of third-country nationals”The Commission said in a statement.

ETIAS is an electronic system, which was created for the purpose of the EU to track travelers from non-EU countries under the Schengen visa-free travel regime, and thus enhances internal security of the bloc and prevents illegal immigration from third visa-free countries.

By the end of next year, travelers from visa-free countries, including Britons, will need to apply for an ETIAS online before traveling to any of the EU member states. The request will only take a few minutes and will cost € 7.

The system will cross-check travelers with EU information systems for internal security, borders and migration before their trip, which will help identify in advance those who may pose a risk to safety or health. , as well as compliance with migration rules», Explains the Commission.

It also notes that the implementation of ETIAS does not mean that travelers from non-EU countries without a visa will need an EU visa, nor does it remove the obligation to visa for travelers under the visa regime.

In early June this year, reported that the coronavirus pandemic had not affected the development of ETIAS after the European Parliament adopted changes to a third text on ETIAS access to the system European information on the criminal records of third-country nationals (ECRIS-TCN).

In October 2020, in an email exchange with, a European Commission press secretary also confirmed that the pandemic had not affected the regime anyway and that the date of entry into force the end of 2022 remained.

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