DragonSlayer Launches New Travel Information Platform With Up-To-Date Covid-19 Information


Using exclusive DragonSlayer technologies, all 50 states and 124 countries are ranked with SAFE-T (Smart Analytics for Educating Travelers) which can be customized to suit any particular risk tolerance with our unique filter options. DragonSlayer provides the latest information on reopening states and a growing list of countries. At a glance, you can identify destinations that still require quarantine and learn more about their local conditions when you arrive. Whether it’s COVID-19 testing protocols, quarantines, or open beaches, DragonSlayer helps travelers get the facts about their destination.

DragonSlayer’s mission is to provide travelers and their trusted travel advisors with centralized, real-time information to regain the confidence to book their next trip. Travel professionals play a key role in the recovery of the travel industry. DragonSlayer believes its intuitive platform can unite the industry by allowing everyone to share their ideas and ensure accuracy.

Whether you are a frequent traveler or working with a travel professional, the DragonSlayer platform is your secret weapon. They’ve created a growing community of Travel Slayers who use DragonSlayer to track reopening and sometimes spontaneous border closures, attraction closures, and new hotel security protocols. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed or spend hours researching. Start to regain confidence in yourself and get involved in the movement to make the world travel again.

Users can sign up for a 14 day free trial at http: www.dragonslayertravel.com/about.html

SOURCE DragonSlayer Voyage

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