Casting travel guides: everything you need to know


Matt and Brett

Matt and Brett, who have been together for 18 years and married for seven years, are new to the neighborhood.

Matt, 45, works for the local council while Brett, 51, is an elementary school teacher, and the two love to travel – which means they have a parcel opinions on how the holidays should be.

The difference between the two is that while Matt likes to organize everything, do everything and eat out with every meal, Brett is happy to go with him.

They are quick with biting comments on everything around them, but are generous, kind, and love to laugh.

family travel guides fren


French family

The Frens are well equipped to deal with stressful family situations and can always find the fun side of any vacation disaster.

Mark, 59, is the upbeat and outspoken dad, so when he’s on vacation he enjoys negotiating hotel room upgrades.

For more than 30 years, he has been married to Cathy, 57, whose quirky sense of humor and distinctive laughter are infectious.

Together they have two children, Victoria, 27, who is always ready to give her opinion, and Jonathon, 29, who is the most reserved of the group.

The Frens aren’t afraid to try anything, which often leads them into unpredictable situations.

kev dorian teng travel guides


Kev, Dorian and Teng

This trio, made up of Kev, Dorian and Teng, are all great pals who share a love of junk food, computer games, music and movies.

Kev, 28, is the sane pop culture expert with an arts degree, while Dorian, 24, is laid back, polite and
study to become a teacher.

As for Teng, 25, he’s the risk taker who postponed college for the past three years and is still looking for a good time.

All were born in Australia and their combined Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese heritage gives them a unique view of the world.

Despite Dorian’s Greek heritage, they often refer to themselves as “the three Asian boys” who are fearless and up for anything.

kevin janetta travel guides


Kevin and Janetta

Kevin, 63, and Janetta, 69, describe themselves as “vacation snobs” because they want the best of the best for everything.

The couple, married for more than three decades, have no children and are passionate about wine.

They love to explore big cities too, but before hitting the road they make sure to do their research to make sure they have the best vacation.

And if the quality or the service is not there, they will not hesitate to lodge a complaint, which is worth to them the slogan “we do not suffer in silence”.

stack mel travel guides


Pile and Mel

The identical twin cowgirls, Stack and Mel, are still relatively new to the travel game and are a bit leery when they venture beyond the Outback. Even so, they are willing to give everything a crack.

The girls, 31, are tall on the rodeo stage, competing together and against each other on the lasso
events. They have traveled extensively across Australia for competitions.

Having spent most of their life in the bush, they are quite ignorant of other cultures, languages ​​and customs – but that does not prevent them from expressing their opinion.

They are used to the harshness and are not easily impressed by fancy vacations, and much prefer camping outside with their horses and dogs rather than staying in town.

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