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New and improved traffic rules have come into force in the UK, with the traffic light framework supplanted by a single red tally.

Most fully immune explorers from non-dilapidated countries will currently not need to take an exam before embarking for the UK.

Carriers UK said traveling abroad would be easier and cheaper.

Yet those coming from dilapidated Red Objections would in any case have to pay in isolation in a hostel for 10 days.

Under the changes, which came to power in 04:00 BST, the green and gold records were rejected.

The testing rules are also made easier for people ranging from non-red objections who have been vaccinated in the UK, EU, US or 18 other countries considered.

Anyone under the age of 18 living in these countries can also travel to the UK without a test.

These rallies were at that time set to steer clear of their appearance in the UK.

All explorers – except children under five – will have to pay for a PCR test two days after their appearance anyway.

People who are not fully immunized will need a pre-flight test and PCR test on days two and eight after returning home, and should go into hiding for 10 days at home.

Additionally, those coming from Red List countries including Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines and South Africa should self-isolate for 10 days in a hostel approved by the administration, at the cost of 2 £ 285 for an adult.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said, “We are accelerating toward a future where travel continues to return safe and remains open forever, and the current policy changes are uplifting news for families, organizations and the community. movement area.

“Our need remains to ensure general well-being at the same time, with more than eight in ten people currently fully immunized, we can find these ways to reduce the expense of screening and help the region continue to recover.

There has been a flood of casual dates after the public authority reported the progressions last month and the travel zone invited the move.

The company recently condemned the public authority for being too late to even consider facilitating and working on testing and quarantine rules.

Tim Alderslade, CEO of Airlines UK, which speaks to UK carriers, said “an outlier on arrival tests for vaccinated passengers”.

In any case, he said there was something else to be done, adding that the UK remains “an exception on appearance testing for immune travelers”.

Willie Walsh, head of the industry body International Air Transport Association, “a positive step”, adding that UK rules have so far been “very restrictive”.

Mr Walsh told the BBC that the public authority’s testing and quarantine limitations were informal and exorbitant for travelers and business alike.

“People were made to believe that the risk was that people would fly into the country. The risk was inside the country ”, he said.

Mr Alderslade added that the clearinghouse would have liked to see more countries removed from the red list and additional common recognition of antibody status for those who have been stricken in different countries.

From the end of October, the public authority said fully vaccinated people coming to England will currently not need to take a PCR test two days after their appearance and can take a horizontal flow test for less, all right. considered.

No date has been set for this change, but services expect it to be in place for the mid-term school vacation.

So far, no other UK country has followed suit.

Scotland said they would “align with UK post-arrival testing regime. “

The Welsh government has said it has “concerns” about the facilitation of its testing system.

The UK recorded 30,439 cases on Sunday, with the total number of cases beyond seven days increasing 1% from the previous week.

Regardless, the number of Covid deaths and claims in emergency clinics is on the decline, with 43 deaths within 28 days of a positive test investigated on Sunday.

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