AIR DATE | TRAVEL GUIDES returns for a series of Australian adventures on Nine

Back for a series of special Australian events, the hilarious entertainment Travel guides premieres later this month on Nine and 9Now.

Five very different groups of Australian travelers will once again offer their fun and distinctive take on vacation reviews as they journey through our great nation reviewing and exploring new destinations.

Watch out, ‘Straya, when our guides set off on an active wellness vacation in Byron Bay, an Outback adventure through the Red Center, set out on an aquatic wonderland vacation in the tropical Whitsundays and embark on a action packed trip to winter Tasmania.

Two new faces are added to the Travel guides casting for 2021: travel addicts and longtime couple Matt and Brett from Newcastle, NSW.

Matt and Brett join the Return Guides: The Fren familytwin cowgirls Pile and Mel, travel snobs Kevin and Janetta, and best friends Kev, Dorian and Teng.

Each group will travel to the same location and experience the same week-long vacation, reviewing local cuisine, accommodations, activities and sights.

Their hilarious adventures will inspire you to travel around this great continent and make you laugh out loud as our guides tell how they see it and rate each vacation over five stars.

Here is the cast of the new Australian Travel Guide Event Series:

Matt (45) and Brett (51)

This couple, true travel addicts from Newcastle, NSW, are new to the Travel guides to live. Matt and Brett are seasoned travelers who have shared many vacation adventures together. While they describe themselves as high-end travelers, they also love great deals and discounts.

Their trips should always include a good shopping spree and a good dining experience.

Kevin (63) and Janetta (69)

Self-proclaimed “vacation snobs” Kevin and Janetta return to seek the best lodging, the best food and the best wine. Married for more than three decades, these jet-set retirees hate to settle downtsecond-rate hing.

This savvy duo expect the best on vacation, and if the quality or service isn’t there, they won’t hesitate to lodge a complaint. “We do not suffer in silence” is their slogan.

The Fren family: Mark (59), Catherine (57), Victoria (27) and Jonathon (29)

These endearing Newcastle, NSW bargain hunters are well-equipped to deal with stressful family situations and can always find the fun side of any vacation disaster.

The Frens will stop at nothing to win an upgrade. They are willing to try everything at least once and are never afraid to say what they think.

Pile (31) and Mel (31)

These identical twin cowgirls from the NSW country are a little wary when it comes to venturing beyond the Outback, but they’re ready to give their all.

They are competitive rodeo rope climbers accustomed to the harshness and not easily impressed with a fancy vacation. Girls also love a big meal, but if there isn’t a great dish on the menu, beware!

Kev (28), Teng (25) and Dorian (24)

The trio of suburban Millennials worked together at Target. They are budget travelers who are ready to leave the comforts of home living with their parents to explore the world.

They are always quick to laugh at each other, and their ideal vacation involves adrenaline-fueled adventures (except for Dorian), hanging out in bars, and eating lots of fatty food.

Told by a popular Australian comedian Denise scott, Travel guides is produced by Nine.


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