5 family travel ideas for every type of person – Part 2


Taking a family vacation is an integral part of growing up. Whether it’s discovering new cultures, meeting new people, or making unforgettable memories, traveling with your family is one of the best ways to bond. People choose vacations of different kinds depending on what they are looking for. While some are the adventurous kind, others love to have fun in museums and historical monuments.

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In Part 2 of the series, we feature the rest of the 5 handpicked places where you can have a memorable vacation with your family.

Sattal: If you want to go camping together

A vacation in Sattal, a group of seven lakes set against a backdrop of oak trees, is the perfect way to let off steam. To get the most out of your Sattal experience, leave the boat rides on the lakes to the day trippers and be a little more adventurous. Pack your own tents, sleeping bags and hiking boots and set up camp by the lakes. Or you can stay at one of the organized campsites, which are perfect if you are traveling with children.

Sattal is a walker’s paradise with both explored and unexplored paths amid thick forest cover. Rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking are some of your other adventure options here. And don’t forget the campfires and outdoor barbecues to add to the fun.

What makes Sattal the perfect choice for camping is its consistent weather throughout the year. Located at approximately 4000 feet, it offers some excellent nature trails. If this is your first attempt to try adventure sports, Sattal will make it all possible. Climb the “Suicide Rock”, then rappelling down the vertical wall, crossing lakes and gorges on ropes, all under the watchful eye of an instructor. You will meet many boatmen who will be happy to take you around the lake at a reasonable price. Fishing permits can be obtained from the Forestry Department of Sattal. Check with the camp you are staying at and they will arrange the permit. The camps also provide fishing rods and bait so you don’t have to carry your gear all the way.

Journey from Delhi: NH24 to Rampur via Hapur, Garhmuktesar, Gajraula and the Moradabad bypass; NH87 to Ranibagh via Rudrapur, Haldwani and Kathgodam; SH in Bhimtal; national road to Sattal via Mehragaon.

Bandhavgarh National Park: for a wild experience

Once a game reserve for the rulers of Rewa, it is one of the most famous tiger reserves in the country and has become almost synonymous with tigers. Bandhavgarh and the adjoining Panpatha Sanctuary (also part of the reserve) were part of the Tiger Project in 1993. The Tiger Reserve is flanked by flat-topped hills, with the high hill of Bandhavgarh Fort in the center, dominating the landscape. . They say the fort is a thousand years old. From sal and bamboo forests to meadows and swamps, the national park is blessed with rich vegetation.

A Royal Bengal tiger in Bandhavgarh

The many lookout points in the national park offer spectacular views and allow you to observe the nesting site of dozens of vultures as well as the flight plans of rare Malabar and gray hornbills. The national park is bounded by the Sone River to the east, the Johilla River to the south and drained by the Umrar River to the west. While vacationing in Bandhavgarh, you should participate in all possible safaris, as no sightings are guaranteed and no sightings are the same. Options abound, from jeep safaris to elephant back safaris. If your vacation idea doesn’t include getting up early in the morning, make the most of the afternoon. There is plenty of time before and after the game drives to relax around the camp, read, eat, sleep and in the evening drink around the open fires that most hotels organize.

Directions from Bhopal: NH12 to Jabalpur via Obaidullaganj and Suatala; NH7 to Katni; NH78 in Umaria; SH11 in Bandhavgarh

Karjat-Matheran: for long nature trails

Matheran literally means a forest on top of the hill. Its dense forest cover, its abundant avifauna, its long walks, its flora and fauna make it a favorite place for walks. It is pollution-free because no vehicle is allowed there. With over 8-10 different routes, Matheran is the ultimate destination for the hiker, naturalist and outdoor enthusiast.

Here is our suggested hiking route. Depart from Karjat and follow the road to Karjat-Chowk for 3 km until you meet a sign indicating a right turn, north to the village of Vaverle. Walk a further 2 km along an asphalt road from Vaverle to the village of Bhorgaon (in the northeast), which lies at the foot of Matheran. If you prefer not to walk along an asphalt road, you can hire an automatic rickshaw to Bhorgaon. If you decide to take a cross-country ski route, remember that you will have to cross a wide stream to get to Bhorgaon. It can be difficult during the monsoon. Just before entering the village of Bhorgaon, a very busy path turns left (due west) and goes up a very gentle spur. It crosses a few fields before branching off to the northwest and climbing another spur, at the top of which you will reach the village of Ambewadi. This is the last point where you will get water, so fill up your bottles as you pass the two village wells just beyond the village.

Karjat in Maharashtra

From Ambewadi, the trail is joined by another busy trail coming from the village of Varosa, on the other side of the spur. This is the last 3 km ascent to the summit, ascending a steep spur (due north) to a flat area. Big Chowk Point is clearly visible and looks like an elephant’s head. The trail now heads to a thick forest expanse, which is a welcome respite from the sun.

As you approach the end of the thick forest you come to a mass of boulders and boulders into which the trail disappears. This is called the Shivaji Steps or the Shivaji Ladder. According to local legend, Shivaji traveled this route on horseback. From there it rises 500 meters to the summit, in the bed of a stream that is dry most of the year, except during the monsoon. When you reach the top you will see the oddly named hill of a tree on your left, connected to Matheran by a narrow ridge. When you reach the ridge, turn right to come to a cold drink stand. From the stall it’s an easy 3 km walk to the Matheran market.

Road: Karjat-Vaverle-Bhorgaon-Ambewadi-One Tree Hill-Matheran-Neral


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