One more trip around the Sun means a memorable birthday trip for you. Have you decided where you would like to spend your special day this year?

Read our birthday trip ideas with dream destinations and fun activities and start planning!

Prague, Czech Republic

A trip to Prague is a fantastic way to spend your birthday. The capital of the Czech Republic is known for its diverse Gothic and Baroque architecture, unique buildings, and vast green parks that overlook the Vltava River. And let’s not forget his delicious beer, of course.

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You can learn about art, history, literature, music and architecture in the city’s museums. You can also stroll through the historic part of the city, admire majestic palaces and breathtaking cathedrals, have a cold beer or eat a delicious traditional pastry.

In addition, many activities are offered to adventurers. For example, you can visit Prague Ranger where you can shoot legendary weapons. If you prefer relaxing activities, celebrate your birthday with a picnic, for example, in the gardens of Rieger, and blow out the candles while admiring the most beautiful sunset in the city.

Grand Canyon, United States

The Grand Canyon is the type of place that overwhelms every visitor. Wouldn’t you like to spend your special day in a place that amazes you?

This steep canyon is located in Arizona. It is nearly 450m long and more than 1800m deep. Explore the Grand Canyon on your birthday by doing several activities, such as

  • Hike the Trail of Time, where you can learn about the geological history of the canyon.
  • Walk or cycle on designated paths and roads.
  • Go rafting on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Board the Grand Canyon Railway and enjoy the views.
  • Take a scenic route.
  • Take in the scenery from the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped walkway that overlooks the Canyon (it’s not part of the national park).
  • Explore more of the Canyon with a jeep tour.

This unique place has a lot to offer, and you can expect a dynamic birthday party here at one of the world’s best-known natural sites.

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Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Azores

The nine volcanic islands of the Azores are a natural paradise. The Portuguese archipelago is a dream destination for all lovers of greenery and outdoor activities. Its beaches, hills and cliffs impress anyone who visits the area.

The most notorious natural monument in the Azores is the Lagoa das Sete Cidades (Lagoon of the Seven Cities). The lake seems to be divided into two lakes: the green lagoon and the blue lagoon. The two meet in a narrow strait over which there is a bridge.

Despite the (tragically beautiful) legends that have emerged from this feature, the lakes are ecologically distinct, causing them to appear different colors.

Regardless of the scientific reasons, it is a breathtaking place to visit. And it can certainly be the backdrop for an unforgettable birthday.

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Scottish Highlands, Scotland

What if you could spend your birthday where Harry Potter and James Bond were filmed? The beauty of the Scottish Highlands does not go unnoticed, even in Hollywood.

Explore this wilderness and let nature’s birthday gift to you be the beautiful Scottish landscapes. Explore the splendid Isle of Skye, probably one of the most admired places in the Highlands due to its magical beauty. Stroll along stunning beaches and admire the remarkable cliffs of Duncansby Head. If you dare, hike to the UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis. Oh, and who could forget the one and only Loch Ness?

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Travel to one of the most visited places on the planet for your birthday. The pyramids of Giza are impressive monuments that attract a lot of attention. Celebrate your birthday in a place of culture and history.

There are plenty of activities waiting for you on the Giza Plateau, but start simply by admiring the vastness of the structures. There are three massive pyramids plus the unique Sphynx in the complex. You can visit the interior of the pyramids and admire the landscape.

If you like to explore the surroundings, you can get yourself a quad bike and the more remote but equally stunning parts of the Giza Plateau. During the night, you can watch a sound and light show, in which the history of ancient Egypt is told by a narrator.

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