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April 3, 2019    by  ‣  0 comments

How to find out the loan balance in Bank?

Bank of Russia is the largest and most reliable commercial bank at the moment. It provides a wide range of services and leads in all types of products, be it mortgage or consumer and car loans. Bank has a huge number of customers, constantly developing and improving its services.

Many people want to save interest on their contract and try to close the loan earlier than indicated in the payment schedule. But how much will be enough, how to find out the loan balance in Bank?

Personal account on the bank site

Personal account on the bank site

There are several ways to find out the balance of an account opened for repayment of a loan agreement. One of the most convenient ways to see the remaining payment is Bank Online. In Bank, the online option is available to all bank customers. You can register and use this option without leaving your home via the Internet. Also in your account you can find out your loan balance in Bank.

This is a fairly simple and convenient procedure. In order to find out the remaining debt on a loan, you must go through the registration procedure in your account. And if you are registered there – then log in to the system. Then the instruction will be as follows:

  1. In the menu “Credits” you need to select the loan agreement that interests you. There may be several of them, if you made out more than one loan at Bank.
  2. Right-click on your loan agreement and a window appears with information on the selected agreement. The line “Left to pay” indicates the amount of the loan debt, including interest for the current billing period.

That is, this is the loan debt that the bank expects from you on a certain date. For example, if the nearest date of cancellation is December 7, then you need to ensure the availability of funds before this date, and the contract will be automatically closed.

Through the mobile application

Through the mobile application


At any time, the function of the Bank mobile application is available. This is another online way to find out the remaining debt and to clarify how much is left to pay. Simply open the application – and on the first screen, in the “Credits” column you will see the remaining loan, including interest. A monthly payment is placed just below.

If you select “Your credit” – both through the mobile application and through the personal account on the site, then you will find that there is a lot of useful information. You can not only check the loan balance, but also find out how many loan payments have been received on the account, clarify the condition of the contract (repaid or not), repay the debt, see the payment schedule and much more. These are two ways to find out the loan balance in Bank Online via the Internet.

Contact customer service office



It may not be convenient for everyone to use the Internet, and it is easier to defend their turn in a bank and clarify the rest of the debt directly with a specialist. Moreover, if the lending was carried out under the mortgage program, the amount of debt can be significant, and this method seems more reliable and reliable. At the same time it is possible to pay the contract through the cashier. Bank of Russia has a cash desk for payment in many cities.

For this you need your passport. At the entrance to the office there is a terminal for forming a queue, you should select the question you are interested in there, the technical device will provide you with a ticket with the queue number and then you only need to wait when you are invited.

Bank ATM



Bank branches are located in almost any settlement, but how to check the loan balance if there is no office nearby and to get information on the loan balance in Bank, there is no online opportunity either?

You can use an ATM of a banking organization. They are in many malls and stores. ATMs are recognizable for their white-green color and the characteristic emblem of the bank. In order to use them, you will need a card issued directly in Bank.

  1. It is necessary to insert a card into the ATM and enter an individual PIN-code.
  2. A list of available functions will appear on the screen, and you need to select “My Account”.
  3. Then click on the menu “Credits”, where you can see your executed contracts.
  4. In the next menu, select the tab “Information on the loan.”

Here you can see if the loan is repaid, find out the remaining amount and get other useful information.

Calling the bank

Is it possible to find out the remaining debt by calling the bank number or clarify whether the contract is closed? Yes.

This is also a very simple and convenient service. In addition, the company provides it for free. The specialist will require some data from you to go through the identification procedure. You will need to give the contract number, F. I. O., Your phone number or passport details may also be required.

At the moment, these are all available methods provided by Bank. How to find out your loan balance? You can use any of them, get reliable information and pay the contract, enter into a new one and remain a customer of the bank.

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